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The heat index in Memphis has been ranging from 114-120 degrees over the past few days. While I am not there currently, I am in Florida, where it is still just as hot.
This kind of weather can make picking out an outfit difficult, especially if you will be outside walking or going from place to place like I have been at my conference.

It's also frustrating because you go from an office where the temperature might be set at a frigid temperature to being outside where it's well over 100 degrees.

My favorite things to wear in this type of weather are simple cotton dresses. This makes it easy, airy, and cool when you are outside, but you can always add a layer if it starts to get cold indoors.

Also, it's important to think about undergarments. When you are sweating outside, you don't want to be wearing an uncomfortable bra that is going to be a pain. I like to layer under dresses with tank tops that have built-in bras so that you don't have that uncomfortable feeling.

Here is my idea of a perfect outfit for these kinds of temperatures.

{Dress by C&C California, Mulberry "Alexa" Satchel, Tory Burch "Miller" Sandals, Kendra Scott Earrings, Sunglasses by Chanel, Watch by Michael Kors}

Stay cool, and don't forget to take care of your pets when there are heat warnings! Don't leave them outside for excessive periods of time and wait to walk them after dark!

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Becoming Unfashionable said...

I NEED that bag - soo amazing! I'm not a fan of hot weather clothes at all, this weather needs to change! I'm dreaming of fall sweaters and boots!


Day Old News said...

God, I love Mulberry bags! I can't even believe the summer we've had here. I've only turned on the AC twice and last summer it was on all day every day.

Lauren said...

Girl, I live in FL... I feel, ya!!! HA!!

Angela Duke said...

love this post..and so glad you mentioned pets, because if I had a dollar for every time we've had to call animal control because morons leave their poor pets outside in this heat, I'd be loaded. :)

TLF said...

Yes.. It is insanely miserable in Memphis!!
Great suggestion as I am currently wearing my little sun dress & flip flops! ;)

Janna said...

I live in sun dresses like that during the crazy heat of summer here in Florida!

Ashley Turner said...

The end of your post reminded me of the end of The Price is Right when Bob Barker used to say, remember to spay and neutre your pets! hahahahaha

That's similar to my outfits all year round on this island! Cool cotton, sandles and a bag. Done!

Sweet Southern Prep said...

Love your ensemble, especially love the Miller thongs. I've got gold ones, but love the silver ones you have featured too. :)

Kelli @ Lovely Little Ruffles said...

It has been just as HOT here in Texas! I am really starting to get ready for fall! I do LOVE those sandals though!

Sarah said...

This whole summer has been brutal in Memphis, no?

Our AC has been out at work since SATURDAY. The thermostat inside said 97 yesterday afternoon... I've been rocking loose summer dresses, sandals, and a ponytail all week.

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