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lol cat speak

This might be the most random post ever, but I am full on obsessed with an internet phenomenon known as "lol cat speak". It is the random language that appears in several pictures online with cats.

I have taken this language to be my own while talking to friends on gchat. For instance, instead of saying, "Hi, how are you today?", I will say, "HAI HOW ARE YEW TEWDAY?". It's totally inappropriate and weird, but I laugh at it all the time.

This is a basic cat speak interpretation via their "How to Speak lolcat" wikipedia page.

A few sentences for your understanding:

  • He went to the store and came back with nothing. He is very bad!
Him goed to teh stowez an caem bak wif nofin! Him is vewee badz!
  • I am trying to sleep. Could you please be quiet?
HAI! Iz tryin to slepe. Yu be kwyet, kthxBAI?
  • She likes his taste in clothes a lot. I bet she dates him for that!
Her liek him tayst in clofes lotz. Ai fink her dait him for dat!
  • They keep looking over here. Maybe there is a stain on my shirt?
Dey kep lukin ovah heer. oh noes! Iz has stane on mah shurt, oh noes!
Here are some of my favorite cat speak pictures:

I told you this post was random. Have you all ever even heard of lolcatspeak? I think it's hilarious, but weird.

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Trish said...

Have you seen the Twilight LOL Cat Speak spoof? Wetyourpants hilarious.

Heer iz link:


Belle on Heels said...

i loooooove lolcatz. my coworker and i will randomly look at each other and say "kthxbai" in meetings and dissolve into giggles. glad to know someone else gets it!

Ashley Turner said...

This is hilarious! First I've heard of it!

Katherine said...

hahaha ben loves these too! he calls them "lolzcats"

Mama B said...

Being the cat lover that I am, I have seen many of these LOLcat pictures. LOVE them!

Here's the actual website where you can find a whole lot more. ;)


Ariane said...

I am so into LOLcat! Whenever I am having a bad day, I can count on that website to cheer me up infinitely. My cats give me perfect LOLcat material all the time! Haha.

One Day said...

Love these! I call all of the neighborhood cats LOL cats. It drives my husband insane!

Pink, Green, and Southern said...

I love these cats. I have the app on my iphone. They absolutely crack me up. I think it's called "I can has cheeseburgers"

BelleinBows said...

I just died! haha, I never knew this was called anything, but it's how G & I talk to our dog, and embarrassingly... each other at times. I didn't think anyone else knew this language.

Amy@Fiancé Meeting You Here said...

I don't know why this shit is so funny-but it SO is. This post had me laughing since it's been a while since I've seen the catz. I love that this is an actual thing.

Day Old News said...

My co-worker's entire cube was LOLCatz. When she left last year, she went around giving each person a photo she thought reminded her of them. She iz weird.

Dishy Decorator said...

Um yez, iz be two fiffy fife a.m., and iz beez loling my butt off.

Baby Makes Four said...

i have to admit, i love the who put sticks in my candy corn...so weird

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