PIPM: Pretty in Pink Megan: Holiday Party?

Holiday Party?

Do you have an upcoming holiday party to attend? If so, I am selling the following items that would be perfect for a holiday party!

1) SOLD Milly Chiffon Beaded Blouse w/black underpinning- SIZE 2 $80.00

2) SOLD Milly Tweed/Gold glitter Mini Skirt- SIZE 2- $75.00

As always, email PIPMblog@gmail.com to purchase!

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Heidi said...

Yea! Pictures of you in the clothes you're selling!! I really think it helps people visualize how awesome the items are that you're selling!

Amanda Leigh said...

If only I were as teeny tiny as you, I would snatch that skirt up in a heartbeat. *Sigh*

Dana said...

I would have LOVED that black shirt and shiny skirt! Too bad someone beat me to it :(

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