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Lovely Day

- Don't forget about the blog sale items below! Remember, you can always make me an offer!!!

- I tried the Oatmeal mask this weekend and I'm not sure how I liked it. First of all, it was extremely messy. I slathered it on my face and it dripped off for a good 5 minutes. My dogs were loving it because they were following me around eating the droppings. Second, I think it made me break out. I have pretty clear skin most of the time and after doing this mask I had some flare ups.

- After much hype on the blogs about this NY&CO poncho, I ordered two online for $24.99 a piece! My friends Mrs. Smith and Just Dandy told me about this little jewel. I seriously haven't been in that store since high school, but I just love this poncho!

Have a good day, y'all!

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chelsea said...

love the poncho!! :)

TLF said...

I love NY&Co.. I shop there all the time! They have way more in store than on their website. The one in the Collierville mall has the biggest selection of stuff. :]

Elyse [Pretty. Happy. Busy] said...

Oh... I have been feeling a new poncho, but have not found the right balance of comfort and chic, without the hint of grandma... bingo! Hope they still have some left! Thanks!

Robyn said...

I tried the aspirin mask last night and forced my husband to do it, too :) It was okay, but I don't see much of any change. I'll keep trying it for a week or until I run out of aspirin.


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