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Feel Good Friday

{All of this is in my purse with me, at all times!}

I am definitely somewhat of a hypochondriac. If I have a headache or any sort of ailment, I automatically get on the internet and google it. This behavior has lead to many nights of anxiety and 2 am trips to Walgreen's. Aside from the fact that I am crazy, I also like to take bountiful amounts of vitamins and supplements for preventative measures!

Here are the supplements that I am currently taking:

- VitaFusion Pre-Natal Vitamins: These pack a lot of important nutrients as well as folic acid and omega oils. I take these because they have more nutrients than regular vitamins, and they also make your hair grow at astounding rates!

- Phytophanere Hair/Nail Supplement: I have told you all about this supplement several times. This is another one of my hair growth secrets. This supplement is packed with essential nutrients that aide in the growth of healthy hair and nails.

- Mega D3 with Resveratrol and Red Wine Extract: I take one of these a day for my Vitamin D deficiency, but you do not have to have a deficiency to take an additional D supplement! Vitamin D is an important nutrient that above all other things, just makes you feel good!

- MegaRed Pure Omega-3 Krill Oil: Any sort of Omega fatty acid is good for your body! These reduce the chances of heart disease and the list goes on and on!

- Cystex Cranberry Formula: I take a tablespoon of this a day for urinary tract health. This stuff is equivalent to drinking 8 glasses of cranberry juice and cleans out your kidney, bladder, and urinary tract.

- Biosil Drops: I put these in my water and they are supposed to reduce fine lines and wrinkles, thicken and strengthen hair, help increase bone mineral density, and promote healthy joints.

And here are the supplements I am going to start taking:

- Milk Thistle: This is an important supplement in preventing any liver issues. This keeps your liver healthy and supports healthy liver function.

- Marine Phytoplankton: I have heard my MIL and SIL rave about this superfood. Marine Phytoplankton is what keeps the whales alive in the ocean and has many healing properties for humans. This superfood promotes healthy skin and aging, healthy liver function, nourishes eyes and nerves, provides energy, and supports the immune system.

Anything else I should add to my list?

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Chicago Mom (Heather) said...

Wow - I'm impressed. I don't even take a multi-vitamin! I need to take better care of myself and get some of these.

The only think I can think of is green tea. I know it's good for your metabolism and I've even seen drops you can add to your water that have the same affect.

Ashley Turner said...

A friend of mine takes Milk Thistle as a hangover cure... something that might be useful to you in the future since you already have it in your purse ;-)

jardelle said...

thaks for this useful post,i think i should use these because i usually don't eat fruits and vegetables

Sweet Caroline said...

Dang!! That's a lot to keep up with, I need to get better about taking vitamins.

The Southern Wife said...

I think I may have to start taking some of these. All I take is biotin.

Amanda said...

You are so healthy! I just take my adult gummy multi-vitams, calcium chocolate and cranberry pills. I might need to pick up a few of these products though. Happy Friday!

Jan said...

Way to Megan!! Make a MIL Proud!!!
You know on the Marine Phytoplankton to start with only a couple of drops twice a day and then contine to add a few more every other day until you are taking as much as you want. A great way to alkaline your body,and your skin will look smooth and silky. Especially the palms of your hands!!

Hallie said...

i'm laughing at you.

ralph and martha said...

dying. I looked at the photo quickly and thought your thermometer teetering on top was a pregnancy test. he he he. Mill thistle is the bomb. ENjoy your vitas!

Charlotte said...

I have a touch of hypochondria too...um, that's actually why I'm online right now...lower abdomen pain, but not focused on the right so it doesn't seem to be my appendix so what the heck??
Anyway, are you familiar with Viviscal? I heard Reese Witherspoon uses it to keep her nice so I've been taking it too! I think it works!


Erin said...

The Jessner's peel is a great one! dermdiaries.com

Lexilooo said...

I'm just curious, how long have you been taking the p.n. vitamins and the phyto supplement for hair growth? I've been taking both together for just about two months now, and seen no change in hair length! I know it takes time, but I figured I'd see at least a little growth. My hair grows so slowly anyway!

Also, I take a zinc supplement, an acai and a super B complex supplement in addition to those.

Lexilooo said...

I'm curious, how long after you began taking the p.n. vitamins and phyto supplements did you notice much of a difference in your hair growth? I've been taking both for about two months now, and have seen almost no change. I know it takes time, and each person is different, but my hair grows so slowly!

Also, in addition to those, I take a zinc, an acai and a super b-complex supplement.

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