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Summer Slump

Tomorrow is the first day of summer and it already feels like it's been summer for months. The summer slump has set in and I am feeling very "blah" lately. This has been my look for the past few days.
To spice things up a bit, I got a Jessner's peel. The Jessner peel is a light chemical peel that provides the following results:
Jessners Peel is a superior treatment designed to remove superficial layers of skin. It’s one of the most effective light cosmetic peel available. A Jessner peel consists of a mild peeling agent that can be used to lighten areas of hyperpigmentation and to treat aged sundamged skin.
Hopefully peeling skin will excite me this week. I think it will be a good peel considering the "frosting" is still visible. Warning- no makeup ahead. View at your own risk.

I bought the new Speedy Bandouliere with strap this weekend, so that's something else to look forward to arriving this week!

Remember this post where I was so excited about colored jeans? Well J Brand recently released colored shorts as well and they are so fun! I ordered the purple pair and can't wait to pair them with bright shoes.

That's all I've got today folks. What's new with you?

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Anonymous said...

I LOVE your new LV! I am thinking I might have to get one of those, too. I love that it has a shoulder strap now.

I totally agree with you. It is so freakin' hot here and I know it's not going to let up until at least October. I've been feeling blah these last few days too b/c what am I supposed to do and wear while it is so hot?

I am looking forward to our vacay as it is much needed to recharge my batteries. Sightseeing and chilling by the pool (or in the pool!) sounds simply delightful. :)

Curly Girl Confessions said...

It's so easy to get into a slump when it's so hot outside!
Um, I am sooo jealous of your LV collection...maybe one day you will have a blog sale for LVs. ;)

Emily {All You Need is Love} said...

I am so with you on the heat! I feel like there is no need to put make-up on or get dressed up, because I'm just going to sweat and get frizzified the second I walk out the door. BOOOOO.
LOVE your new LV! Can't wait to hear how you like it! I am day-dreaming of that back right now :)

Megan said...

Questions about the Jessner peel- is this something you do at home? I saw this on amazon and it had some great reviews from people using it at home. I am intrigued! I'm going through a terrible late 20's skin phase...freckles, redness, acne, fine lines- uggh! I am willing to try anything at this point. Advice appreciated :)

Pretty in Pink said...

Hi Megan-

The Jessner Peel is something that you are "supposed" to do in office by professional only, but you certainly could purchase the solution and do it yourself, but make sure you know how your skin will react!

Ashley Turner said...

I think my summer slump is on too, but it probably has something to do with the fact that it's mid-June and it's freezing here most days... it's weird to wear sweaters and not be either getting excited for Christmas or looking forward to Easter... it's odd for me.

Rachel said...

The colored shorts take me right back to my Limited Too days in 5th grade! I used to have the biggest assortment of colored denim shorts!

Muffy said...

YOU BOUGHT THE NEW SPEEDY!!!!!!! GAH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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