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Fashion SOS

I haven't done one of these posts in a while and I got an email today that perked my interest in starting up these reader questions again.  

Hey Megan!
I've been reading your blog for a long time now! I remember when you used to feature emails that people sent to you about fashion questions and I now have a question for you! I am starting my student teaching apprenticeship this fall so I need a lot of clothes to get me through! However, I don't want to be a frumpy teacher. I saw this lace skirt on Gap. Do you have any ideas on how to wear this type of skirt in terms of shoes/tops? Do you think that this could be a piece that you could transition into the fall? How would you do that?  Sorry that I've asked so many questions but you were the first person I thought of to ask! :) I would greatly appreciate any input you have! 
Thanks for your time! 
The skirt Kelly is referring to is this cute little skirt from Gap: 

Well, first of all, of course I think that this skirt can be worn in both the summer and the fall.  

Here is how I would wear it both ways:
Summer- Top, Earrings, Shoes
Fall- Top, Vest, Shoes

Edit: Some of the comments are suggesting this skirt isn't quite appropriate for the classroom.  Maybe not the best piece to wear student teaching since that's your first impression, but it can definitely be worn outside of work! 


nowshine said...

really cute, both outfits. i was also thinking about getting a lace skirt...when i saw it here:


and now i want it even more ;)

Ashley Turner said...

Love the skirt! Would even look cute with black tights!

Emmasensei said...

I work in a pretty free-spirited school district (and just hosted my own student teacher for the first time), love fashion (rhinestones! glitter! bright colors!), and just would not wear lace to school. At all. No matter how conservative the cut. Stick to classic, comfortable clothes in neutral colors during your internship. If you need to inject personality, do it through necklaces (go easy on the big earrings and bright nail polish).

Northern Mama from the South said...

I have to agree withEmmasensei. I'm also a teacher and I love that skirt, so cute! But it's not really right for the classroom. Have fun with some jewelry but you never want to take away from teaching and kiddos are so easily distracted.

I love that you're doing these posts again!!

Pretty in Pink said...

@emmasensei @northernmamafromthesouth - thanks for your input. I'm not a teacher so I don't know what is appropriate or not. The skirt seems fairly long (i've seen much shorter) and if it's worn with flats I think it could work for some occasions, but maybe not your first impression at a school.

Leslie @ A Blonde Ambition said...

Love the skirt. Love the way you styled it. Would totally wear it to work.

A. said...

Agreed that this skirt is cute. However, not classroom/school appropriate. If you are a "skirt person" please, PLEASE make sure your skirts are the appropriate length. That means to the knee. Call me a big old frumpster! Go with flattering black pants and blouses - NO tight tops, no cleavage, no sky high heels. You can have some fun with your accessories - scarves, jewelry, etc. Remember, you want to look professional, you will be dealing with administration, parents, etc. I could go on and on about this topic, but I'll stop now!

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