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How I Curl My Hair

Oddly enough, a lot of you continue to ask me on blog comments and Instagram how I curl my hair when I use a curling iron.  

I can't say that there is some super-secret special way that I use the curling iron.  I probably use it like the majority of you all use a curling iron, however, there is a little trick that I like to do to make the curls last for longer.  

1. Start out with freshly dried hair
2. Take the top section of your hair and roll up into a bun and secure with clip. 
3. Start on one side and curl away from your face section by section. 

4. This is where I like to do a little trick- I take the freshly curled hair and roll it up into a twisty bun and leave clipped while I do the other side. 
5. Go to other side and curl. 
6. Twist other side up. 
7. Now you are left with the top portion of your hair.  Curl the top including your bangs away from your face. 

8. Once all of your hair is curled, run your hands through it.  
9.  Done

Now, if you're doing this at night, which is what I do a lot, here comes the fun part.  

Twist your hair into sections and secure with clips.  You can leave them in as long as you want, but with your hair freshly curled this will REALLY make sure your curls stay for a long time.  I sometimes even sleep with my hair like this and the curls are insane the next morning; they last for days. 

Make sure you don't go in public like this.  Or do.  Just do what you feel.  


Kristen said...

awesome! thanks for sharing, i've never tried that bun before, but i will today!

Whitney said...

Your hair looks great!

Anonymous said...

this is probably dumb but could you post a video of this? i feel like whenever i do my hair in little bun things like that, it ends up looking crunchy-curly and not straight up curly. when you curl the sections and then put them in little twisty buns, doesn't that put weird kinks and folds in the curls?

Dishy Decorator said...

Love this! I'm D-Y-I-N-G at that last pic. You are too funny!

Kathleen said...

Love this!! Thanks for sharing your tips -- going to have to try this one.

WorthyStyle said...

Haha sometimes you just crack me up. Great facial expressions!

Red Lipstick said...

Agreed, You are awesome, just super fun style that you have! I can always count on your blog to cheer me up. Always looking for ways to make my hair hold a curl. Your hair is so healthy looking.

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