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Skincare Finds

I was scouring the web the other day for anything without hydroquinone to lighten sunspots on the face and found this soap that is made with kojic acid.  I ordered it a couple of weeks ago and can already see a difference! It's super cheap too, so try it out.  

With all of the peels and microneedling treatments that I get, it's very common for my face to get dry and peel (obviously).  I have found the best cream ever for dry, peeling, or problem skin.  It contains healing ingredients that are great for breakouts, dry patches, peeling areas, and even redness.  You can also put it on a breakout area and it will calm the area as well as prevent any acne scarring. 

I recently read this article about how Korean women get dewy and glowing skin and the secret to a lot of their makeup routines is a facial mist product before makeup and after makeup.  Since I was already getting the Avene Cicalfate, I decided to try their thermal water mist as well.  

Do you all have any fun skincare finds lately?


Sabah said...

I just recently started using the African Black soap and I am not so sure about it!!! I know you did a blog post on it and I am wondering did your face break out when you first started using it?! mine has and my nose area has become so dry!!! I don't know if i should continue use or give up!

I do love the Avene Thermal Mist...I am making a trip to Europe soon and I am going to stock up there!

Pretty in Pink said...

hi sabah- it didn't cause me to breakout, but maybe your skin is not agreeing with one of the ingredients? good luck! xx

Unknown said...

You might like the Jurlique "Purely Bright" line. I've used it for sunspots and I love it. There are a bunch of products in that line - a day cream, night cream, a mist, and a spot treatment for darker areas ...I have them all (such a sucker) and I love them.

Ashley Turner said...

I've been using that Avene spray for years - swear by it! The Vichy one is great too!

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