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Exfoliating Your Skin

It is so important to exfoliate your skin to keep your cell turnover high and to constantly be shedding old skin to reveal fresh new skin.  

There are several ways you can exfoliate your skin ranging from face washes, creams, peels, and tools.  Here are some of my favorite methods below:

1) Clarisonic Face Brush- I'm sure most of you all have this already, but if you don't you need to get one! You need something 2-3x weekly to exfoliate the dead skin off your face. 

2) Rodial Super Acids Mask- a great quick mask that packs a lot of punch filled with various acids. 

3) Rodial Fruit Acid Exfoliating Pads- using primarily fruit acids, these pads are a great alternative to the PTR AHA pads that sting a little bit more. 

4) Jan Marini Duality- I've been using this for a couple of months and can't recommend it more.  It's a duo of anti-aging plus acne prevention.  

5) Ole Henrikson Power Peel- this peel will lite your face on fire and I love it.  The more it burns, the better! 

6) Glytone Face Wash- this is a great basic glycolic wash to add to your routine that isn't too strong, but will still exfoliate. 

7) Dr. Dennis Gross AHA Pads- these are GREAT, but they do sting just a little bit.  

8) Peter Thomas Roth Glycolic Moisturizer- if you want even more glycolic in your routine, add this moisturizer that contains 10% of Glycolic Acid. 

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Unknown said...

I love a lot of these products, and am also kind of an exfoliant addict. Just wondering, if using a retinoid rx cream, (I use atralin) how many other products like this should I be using?

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