PIPM: Pretty in Pink Megan: Saturday Shopping

Saturday Shopping

I've found some cute buys recently that I wanted to share with you all. 

Shirt | Necklace (on sale) | Skirt 

How cute is this J'adore t-shirt from Old Navy?  And the good thing is that it was only 14 dollars! The skirt (only $24.95) is very versatile and you could pair it with something dressier as well.  This whole outfit is under 100 dollars!

This tote was only 5 dollars at Old Navy and I figured I could use it when I work out or need to take my laptop somewhere. 

Sweatshirt (on sale) | Necklace

I love these J.Crew Factory sweatshirts (on sale now), but I think they run kind of small.  I got a Medium and plan to wear this with jeans. 

When I saw this Paris Tee at J.Crew Factory (also marked down) I knew I had to get it.  I have been going a little crazy lately with graphic tees (particularly French ones). 

| Dress |

I saw this dress at Old Navy and thought it would be cute for anyone who goes to Auburn (it's navy and orange).  It also comes in black and white stripes as well as black and camel!

| Hat

I was also impressed that Old Navy had this popular style of hat for a very affordable price! I have an abnormally big head, though, and this hat was a little too small :( It's probably best to order online though to get one that no one has tried on ... hope I don't get lice or something :/

These adorable earrings are finally on sale! I've wanted them for months but for some reason never ordered them, until today!  Use code "BIRTHDAYBASH"


Unknown said...

This is so pretty and attractive , and lovely photos to show how it is made.Thanks for the inspiration.
Interior Design

Bridget said...

I have this same problem!! I can never find a hat that fits me properly! I have been trying to find a wide brim sun hat for the pool that won't give me a migraine after wearing it for 5 minutes from it being so tight. I don't know if I too just have an abnormally large head or if it's my hair. I try to myself it's my hair. :(

Unknown said...

Love this! I have been coveting that J.Crew Factory sweater and tee for a while now. I love French graphic tee's as well!


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