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Thursday Randoms

I just wanted to update y'all on the perfect sweater dress from Madewell that I posted about the other day.  I ended up getting it in both the grey and the tan and I love them! Seriously, if you need a good basic sweater dress this is your winner.  

I wore one yesterday with my J.Crew Cocoon coat and a Madewell scarf with Loeffler Randall boots

Here is a closer pic of the ribbing on the sweater dress. 

And here's my crappy attempt at showing you a full picture.  The back is slightly longer than the front.  

I also wanted to show you all the perfect oxblood lipstain that I purchased from the Sephora sale a few days back- it's the NudeStix in Hypnotic.  It comes out on a brush and stays put for hours.  

Here are a couple of outfits that I wore this week.  While I did get a few new things at Madewell recently for my Birthday, I am really trying to make old items in my closet work.  I have been finding some older skirts that I have been wearing with boots and sweaters.  The polka dot skirt is from Old Navy earlier this season and the patterned skirt is from J.Crew probably 4 or 5 years ago and I'm wearing it with Forever 21 boots that I found in my attic! 

Sidenote: have you all tried the new cranberry sprite?  It is SO good.  One of the gals had them at my JL meeting this past week and I drank two in one sitting.  

I did get a few little hair goodies that I am really liking lately- one being the Bumble & Bumble City Swept.  It's not a hairspray, but a finishing spray that almost works like a dry shampoo but not.  I am not really sure what it is, but I spray it on my hair after styling and it works wonders! 

Second being the Oribe Gold Line ... I got a travel "sample" pack of this line and it is simply amazing.  It's pretty pricey, so you may want to be like me and try before you buy.  But omggg it makes your hair feel like silk.  
Have a great day! 


nrlrose7 said...

You may have addressed this before, but can you do a post on tights with boots, both booties and knee/calf boots? Particularly interested in whether you need to match your tights to either your boots or your skirt, or if you can throw a different color in there. Thanks!

A Preppy Girl said...

What is your phone case? I have the new iphone 6 and havent found a case yet that is simple but protective.

Pretty in Pink said...

@nlrose- sure I'll include it in my next post :)

@preppygirl- it's acutally just the pink bumper but I have the invisible shield on the front and back

Laura said...

you're looking better than ever. love the new hair color!

Netty said...

So many things I love in one post!
I love the Oribe Gold line, it produces great results.
I am so excited because Madewell is opening a new Miami store so I can get my hands on your perfect dress!

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