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TGIF: Random Thoughts

Warning: this video is pretty random ... also Rob was watching me the whole time which makes me feel awkward.  I do much better doing videos alone.  And WTF is up with the fly half way through? Regardless, here she is: 

Here are some links from things I talk about in the video: 
Alaia Sandals

In the video I am wearing:
J.Crew Boy Shirt
Kendra Scott Skylar Earrings

Don't forget to leave me Netflix and sunscreen suggestions! 

Since making this video I had FDD make me another tassel necklace that I love! 

Isn't it perfect for summer? 

Have a good weekend!


Unknown said...

I recently ordered the Japanese shiseiso senka sunscreen spf 50...here is the link to it on amazon http://www.amazon.com/Shiseido-SENKA-Sunscreen-Mineral-Water/dp/B004Q1WT58/ref=pd_sim_194_2?ie=UTF8&refRID=1B8NM3B0XZYVK7B2CDBG. I love it! It's so lightweight, doesn't leave any white residue and it doesn't break me out.

Natalia said...

I love la Roche posay anthelios AOX. It's a spf 50 with a daily antioxidant serum. It's super lightweight and works great for my super sensitive skin.
Also another great brand is person & covey, inc solbar shield sunscreen.

Bonnie Dearing said...

I just started using the la Roche AOX too, Memphis Target has started carrying it. I tried it on a whim because I couldn't find the Neutrogena Ultra Sheer liquid I usually get. Skinceuticals sheer physical is really similar to Neutrogena Ultra Sheer liquid and they both work well for my sensitive combo skin.

You may like the HBO Borgias with Jeremy Irons, or Frasier which is not at all grity but so awesome.

Unknown said...

Some of my fav doc's on Netflix are:
Sno on the bluff-Drug/gang
The Source Family- Cult's
Exit Through the Gift Shop
Queen of Versaille's

Kimmy Schmidt is a funny series by Tina Fey

Valerie said...

Have you seen Autopsy???

Valerie said...

Have you seen Autopsy???

Anonymous said...

Broadchurch, Luther, Longmire are all great. You have probably already seen them. I am watching Damages since it was basically the only thing left I had not seen.
The Scientology documentary is interesting...can't remember if it is on Netflix or hbogo.

Unknown said...

I need your necklace and bracelets. And what were those black lines on your wrist? And did you have a microphone taped to your chest?

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