PIPM: Pretty in Pink Megan: Mom's MedMinder Guest Post

Mom's MedMinder Guest Post

Thank you Megan for letting me guest post today!  I am Kelly of Mom’s MedMinder blog and the creator of Mom’s MedMinder.

I have known Megan for a very long time, and I appreciate her letting me pop in for a visit.  Before I tell you a bit about myself, I thought you might want to know my five favorite things about sweet Megan:

This pic is Sarah, Megan and their closest friends at a recent baby shower.  They are the floral team here.  I love all of these girls and have been so lucky to call them all my “little sisters.”

1-She was my sister’s roommate in college at UK.  I’m sure her closet was a fun one to raid on weekends.

2. Her love for animals.  No explanation here if you have seen all her doggy children.

3. Her bravery.  I think the reason her blog is such a success is her willingness to put her whole self out there even if it means doing a video in a face mask.

4. Her sense of humor.  So many of her Instagram and blog posts crack me up.  You should just hear some of the stories she and my sister have.

5.  That hair.  Her hair and skin are so gorgeous.  I love to see what she will try next.

Now let’s chat about Mom’s MedMinder. I recently went to a conference and attended a session on branding.  The session was led by the owner of the PR firm Fontaine Maury, and she had us do a quick quiz as to how we would define our brand.  She asked the following questions, and my responses are in blue.  I think the answers tell a lot about a person and a company, and it was fun to hear everyone’s responses:

1-If your brand was a bar or restaurant what would it be? Bud & Alley’s in Seaside, FL in the upstairs bar

2-What drink would your brand order? A bloody mary or vodka tonic

3-What would your brand be wearing? A pink t-shirt dress & sandals

4-Would your brand be sitting alone or the life of the party? The life of the party!!

5-What would your brand want to talk about? How happy it is to be at the beach, kids and FOOD

6-What music would be playing? Van Morrison

I love to live well and enjoy life.  I love to laugh, eat and relax, and although this isn’t shown in the quiz, my family is the center of my happiness.  That is why I wanted to create a website that allowed me to care for them better.  I am so happy when life seems simple.

I think being able to jot down health notes about your family and set reminders to give vitamins and/or medications and treatments will simplify life for a lot of moms.  I hope that being able to print out what you enter while your child is sick and take it to the pediatrician with you will eliminate a lot of anxiety.  I think being able to look back at what medication you gave your child when they had a certain illness is helpful.  I hope you think so too, and I hope you will check it out!  Please reach out to me and let me know what you think.

Check out Mom's Med Minder here.

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