PIPM: Pretty in Pink Megan: Q&A Vlog: Your Questions Answered

Q&A Vlog: Your Questions Answered

Questions Asked:
0:30-What are your favorite lip products?
2:29-Do Ronnie and I want kids?
3:20-If you could do your wedding over again, what would it be?
4:20-What is Shasta up to lately?
5:15-What is your favorite vacation spot?
6:13-What is your eyelash routine?
7:40-What is your favorite beauty product?
8:56-Who killed JBR?
10:44-How did you become obsessed with conspiracies?
12:06-What are your dogs names?
13:55-What is my favorite drug store product?

Products Discussed: 


Rebecca said...

Fun post! Some people are so nosy with the kids question. I would never ask anyone that, even a close friend....it seems so personal!

My oldest daughter is a big conspiracy theorist as well. She keeps insisting I watch Zeitgeist. Have you seen it?

I miss Shasta. I kind of lost track of her since I don't use snapchat other than with my daughters. Your blog and hers were one of the first I ever started reading back in 2008 and 09. Crazy how many years I've been following you both! Glad you are doing these vlogs...you were always my go-to for beauty posts! Have a great week!

Pretty in Pink said...

@Rebecca The kid question doesn't really bother me. I am pretty comfortable with it. I have not seen Zeitgeist, but a few people have recommended. I am going to check it out!

Have a great week!

Jennifer said...

Just wanted to say I love your videos so much! I am so glad to see you are getting back into blogging :)

Pretty in Pink said...

@Jennifer Thank you so much!!

Nit said...

This was a great video! I'm so excited my travel question got answered. Yay! I love the explanation of the dog names. Too cute.

Pretty in Pink said...

@Nit i'm glad you liked it. I really enjoyed answering the questions. I will be doing the second part next week!

Haley Marozas said...

This was great. I laughed at the dog answer.

Pretty in Pink said...

@Haley Marozas <3 my puppies

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