PIPM: Pretty in Pink Megan: Christmas Spirit with Tartan Scarf

Christmas Spirit with Tartan Scarf

Scarf: ASOS
Jeans: Old Navy

I have stalked these boots for quite sometime and have tried on so many "look alike" Stuart Weitzman Lowland boots to no avail.  In my search, none of them seemed to be the right quality and something was always off with the designer-inspired ones.  I finally decided to get the real thing when I found a pair on eBay for a good price.  I am now hooked- they really are worth the money because they are so well made and very comfortable.  I am all about sale shopping and saving a buck here and there, but with these shoes the real thing really is worth it in the long run.  They are actually on sale right now at Nordstrom or you can be like me and peruse eBay until you find your size for a good price! 

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