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Favorite Home Scents

LAFCO Duchess Peony Room Spray- I've been known to go a little overboard with room sprays, especially if someone is about to come over.  I love a good Febreeze sesh but honestly don't love the smell of Febreeze.  I really like this Duchess Peony scent because it's light and floral without being overpowering or too sweet.  

Capri Blue Prosecco & Pink Grapefruit Candle- please get this candle ASAP!  It smells so good and will fill the entire room with the scent.  The rose gold casing is an added bonus and looks so cool sitting on your coffee table.  

LAFCO Black Pomegranate Candle- I got my first LAFCO candle last year and recently got this one in the Black Pomegranate scent.  I love these candles because they last so long and are really well-made.  

Byredo Bibliotheque Candle- this candle smells like an old library in Paris.  Byredo candles have such a strong scent so even this little candle will make the entire room smell lovely!

Homesick Kentucky Candle- the concept behind this line of candles is to make each one reminiscent of a state, so of course I got the Kentucky candle which smells like a mix of bourbon and mint.  

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