PIPM: Pretty in Pink Megan: My Favorite Facial Masks Right Now in 2017

My Favorite Facial Masks Right Now in 2017

Top Row: Tula Exfoliating | Glamglow Firming | REN Glycol 
Bottom Row: Fresh Rose | Tata Harper Resurfacing | Kiel's Rare Earth 

There are some of my favorite facial masks right now in 2017:

1. Tula Exfoliating Mask- this mask reminds me a lot of my old favorite ProActive mask that I used to use in high school and college.  It has little exfoliating beads and is really good at leaving your face clean and soft! 

2. Glamglow Firming Mask- I tried this mask last week for the first time and was surprised when it came out a metallic silver color! I don't know how much it helped with firming as I have jowls that can't be helped :P But it was a good mask and left my face looking illuminated and smooth.  

3. REN Glycol Renewal Mask- this is a great mask for brightening and renewing the texture of your skin.  It can sting sometimes so be prepared if you use a retinol or acne cream you may want to lay off a couple of days before trying this mask.  

4. Fresh Rose Mask- this mask is more for hydration when your skin is feeling dry or just dull.  Plus I love the smell of roses so this mask in a win-win.  

5. Tata Harper Resurfacing Mask- I used this mask a couple of years ago and kind of forgot about it until I recently received a free sample with an online order.  I want to keep this mask in stock for the rest of time! It is such a good mask for radiance, smoothing, and just generally making your face look better and tighter.  

6. Kiehl's Rare Earth Mask- this is a good mask for when my face is feeling oily ... it will clean your pores and help prevent breakouts due to too much oil production.  


Lizzie said...

that tata harper mask is the best! i ordered the detox defense set and it's definitely my favorite product out of the set because it'll clear up any spots no matter if they've been lingering or it just came up.oh, and a tip for the fresh rose mask is that you can layer the sugar scrub mask underneath it so you can have double the treatment at the same time!

Gold Clutter said...

I want to try Glam Glow.


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