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Acupuncture Update

So last week I posted about possibly getting acupuncture and asked for your all's opinions.

I had my first acupuncture appointment last week. At first, I was a little confused and nervous. My acupuncturist assessed my needs and concerns and just went for it and started poking me with the needles. They really don't hurt at all. Some of the more sensitive pressure points, such as some spots in your feet and hands feel a little weird, but it definitely doesn't hurt.

After my first session I was a little skeptical. I really didn't notice any change after the first session. It wasn't until the days following that first session that I could really notice some changes. First of all, my upper back and neck pain was not bothering me nearly as much as it used to. Also, I was generally in a better mood.

I had my second session yesterday and I asked for some help with energy and feeling fatigued. I got some extra needles. My first session I had about 10 needles total in my body. My second session I had about double that amount.

I really have felt an increase in energy and productivity since my session yesterday. I am starting to become a believer of acupuncture. I love the relaxation aspect of the sessions. I also love that my acupuncturist has varied hours so I can go later in the evening if I need to, or on Saturdays as well.

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jaime said...

My husband (and his aunt) tried acupuncture to quit smoking. My husband had similar results to what you're feeling (less fatigue, more energized). They both quit smoking, though his took at least one more attempt after the acupuncture treatments.

I go to a chiropractor once a month, and LOVE it. Good luck with the acupuncture treatments!

Kristen said...

Very intersting. I have heard that accupuncutre works well as a fertility treatment (my BFF swears that it helped her get pregnant after the doc told her she would have trouble)

Love said...

You've totally inspired me to try this! I have the worst PMS...I'm thinking this might help?

Veronika said...

thanks for sharing this....it's something I may have to try! is it covered by insurance?

Molly said...

Who did you go to? I live in Oxford and would rather drive for a recommended person than go to someone here that I know nothing about.

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