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Getting Fit and Eating Healthy with Pretty Active Life

Hi, I'm Lindsey, founder of Pretty Active Life, owner of 3 Pure Barre Studios in Memphis, wife to my amazing husband Lawrence, and mama to my sweet little boy Landon.  I have always been passionate about health and fitness but my knowledge and passion have grown significantly over the last few years, which is why I started my blog.  

Seven years ago I feel in love with Pure Barre and the transformation it made on the shape of my body so I decided to open my own studio in my hometown of Germantown, TN.  More recently, I developed a passion for cooking and eating cleaner, healthier foods.  I have always been conscious of what I was eating and how many calories were in it, but i have since changed my focus to eating real, clean food and it has made a world of difference in how I feel! 

I started Pretty Active Life to share what I have learned, lots and lots of recipes, health and fitness tips, and of course my favorite fashion finds including everyday wear and athleisure looks.  My goal is to share easy ideas and tips for other women and moms who are busy but looking to get healthy and stay stylish while doing it! I started my blog to be a resource for women to find healthy quick recipes for their family, find products they love, and form a community of women where we can empower each other to be our best. 

What I Eat: 
So I mentioned I have transitioned my focus away from counting calories and onto eating real food.  Many low fat, low cal or sugar free foods are actually worse for you than the full fat version and I have realized it is best to avoid processes foods as much as possible.  It's all about balance and finding a realistic plan that works for you and one that you can stick to.  

Breakfast: 1/2 Ezekiel 7 Grain English muffin with natural peanut butter and a drizzle of honey, 1/3 cup egg whites scrambled, coffee with almond milk and a drop or two of pure agave and cinnamon. 

AM Snack: almonds or homemade granola bar (check my blog for the recipe) 

Lunch: homemade protein bar (check my blog for the recipe).  I am usually on the go and honestly not a fan of much lunch foods so this works for me.  

PM Snack: Usually around 4 I will have a peanut butter banana protein muffin (check my blog for recipe)

PM Snack: Usually around 6 while making dinner I will have carrots or peppers and Taziki dip or a couple of chips and salsa.  

Dinner: This varies and we have been trying a lot of new recipes lately but my go-to is Salmon on the plank, kale salad, and quinoa.  

After Dinner Snack: small bowl of Skinny Pop 

Dessert: Unreal Peanut Butter cup or dark chocolate square

As you can see I snack a lot and my dinner is my biggest meal of the day.  I limit processed foods so that I can still indulge in things I love too! 

Favorite workouts


Tricep Extention- really effective for tightening the back of the arms, helps to prevent that sagging effect as we get older!

Stand with feet hip width and parallel. Hinge forward from waist. Extend arms straight behind you and squeeze shoulder blades together. From here you can do various movements to tone the back of the arm. You can do small lifts, small circles, squeeze your ams in, etc. 

Pushups- great for the entire upper body, easy to do anywhere, tones arms, back, chest, shoulders!


Plank- Amazing for the entire body! Place forearms on floor and bring feet hip width and parallel.  Hold your body in one straight line and continue to pull abs up toward your spine the entire time you hold.  Start with 30 seconds as your goal and add 5 seconds to that goal each time.

Scissor-When performed with control and moving from muscle not momentum, scissor is really effective to work the entire core and waistline. 
Extend right leg to ceiling and left leg long 2 inches off of the floor.  Bring hands behind your head with elbows wide.  Rotate as you switch your legs bringing right elbow towards left leg, then switch, switch.  Remember to pull navel down toward floor the entire time to create flat abs.


Tabletop-Perfect exercise to hit that trouble spot in lower seat and upper thigh.  With this exercise you tone the back of seat, base of seat, back of thigh and get some added work to your core and upper body.
Come to all fours, extend right leg straight behind you flex your foot. Knee and toe face the floor. Perform various small movements from seat. Example: squeeze your lower seat to lift and lower the leg, hold leg lifted and squeeze in. 



Bring your feet hip width and parallel.  Pull off the bar (or chair, counter) and sit back like you're sitting in a chair and pop up to your tippy toes.  Move down and inch and up an inch and focus on the top of the thighs.  Next pulse in this position until your thighs are fatigued.  


Angela said...

I wish I lived somewhere with more gym options like Pure Barre. Although let's be honest, I could probably do a lot of this at home, but I don't. It's so much more motivating to do with friends and other ladies!

Landlocked Mermaid said...

This is so great!! Excuse me miss megan?? But your arms!!! HOT MAMA XOXO Love it and you xoxo

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